Welcome to Homemade Horseman! I hope you enjoy some of the lovely little items I make! Owning horses is expensive and so are student loans! The profits I make are reinvested into my products, my ponies, and my loans! I love working on custom projects and you can find my products for sale in my Etsy shop!

Cosmetic Bags

These fun, little bags measure approximately 7.5″ x 9″ and can be used for so many things! Each bag is unique! The shells of these bags are made from canvas, linen, or an outdoor canvas. Each applique is hand cut from a fun cotton fabric, which are specially chosen for every bag. Inside, the bags […]

Horse Shoes

Using recycled and antique horse shoes, I love creating unique wall decor. By adding beautiful customized faux flowers, these horse shoes bring some brightness and nature to your walls. Imagine one of these beauties hanging in your tack room bringing you good luck and color all year long! Send me your special shoes to decorate […]

Other Goodies

Every now and then, I like to create other ‘goodies’ beyond my usual. These extra items can be anything from artwork, jewelry dishes, hand warmers, wallets, and other decor. While I don’t regularly list these types of items they are some of my favorite to create. You never know when I may have something listed! […]

Polo Wraps

Have some fun while protecting your horses legs! I am happy to make a pair or set of custom polos just for you! If you have specific colors or patterns in mind, but can’t find them at the tack store, I am happy to find the fabric and make exactly what you want! I also […]


During the Summer months, I spend a lot of time staining and painting boards to make these sweet signs for the home or the barn! Each sign designed, cut, stained, and hand painted by me! From stall signs to home decor, each sign is a one-of-a-kind! Contact me today about a custom sign! Or see […]


Occasionally, I like to share some of the recipes I use for horse treats, essential oils, tea, food, etc. Check back on occasion to see if I’ve added any!