Homemade Horseman started as a way for me to express my creative side and love of horses, at the same time. It is evolving everyday! And after stepping away from an online presence for the last few years, I’m ready to get back to creating one-of-a-kind pieces for my fellow horsemen. That being said, here is the low-down about me personally:

  • Mid 30s
  • From Omaha, Nebraska →Danville, Indiana →Stevens Point, Wisconsin
  • Married! March 17, 2013 by a friend in a kilt, in a van, in a park, to my best friend, Todd
  • Owner of one very spoiled old, gelding and a few other four legged critters
    • Milo- 1995 APHA/PtHA gelding, retired show horse, currently living the life of luxury
    • Robin Kitty- our rescued barn kitten turned queen of the house
    • Bella- she’s too big to be a pomeranian, so we call her a miniature spitz. This sweet little floof came to live with us a few years ago, after Todd’s great aunt went into a nursing home
    • Boxy Filbert- 3-toed box turtle. He’s the king. Todd’s childhood pet, who may out live us all
    • Jeb Francis- cute little, green tree frog who made it to Wisconsin on a plant truck from Florida, in December! He now lives the spoiled life in a custom enclosure with daily crickets.
  • Showing at ARHA sanctioned shows and loving every minute of it (after six years out of the show pen! I’m enjoying showing friends’ and family horses, when I get the chance)
  • Owner of a cute little fixer-upper and really impressive garden (my other obsession)
  • Occasional blogger for my other loves Family History and Gardening at GROW YOUR ROOTS
  • Currently loving: All the food, All the flowers, family history, photography, history, hanging out with my animals

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