Horse Shoes are Here!

After months of talking about it and working on them. I have finally listed my first set of floral decorated horse shoes! I am pretty excited about these because, well, I first made them for myself. They have a great hand-made appeal without being so fussy that you can’t hang them in the barn. Plus, the faux flowers will never wilt!

You can find them here in my shop: Homemade Horseman Etsy Shop

In other news…part of my ‘online silence’ is because Todd and I have decided to drop both home internet and cable. We have been without it for 2 months now. It is killing me. Sort of. Really the only struggle is not being able to watch live feeds of horse shows, posting things, and doing research. It’s currently a love/hate thing going on. Also, I’m lazy and don’t like to have to get dressed to go to a cafe/library/fast food place just to use the internet.

Also, we have a truck now. It will pull the trailer. Woot. Next year…I will be back in the show pen (the whole year)!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and I wish you all a lot of luck at your shows!

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