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A little over a month ago, I was contacted by Noble Outfitters and asked if I’d like to review some products. At first, I didn’t know what to think. I’ve only done one review before and I wasn’t even sure if they would have any products that would suite me. While I’ve always associated Noble Outfitters with quality, I’ve also always associated them with hunter/english apparel rather than western. So, after doing some emailing with a rep about my audience and the types of products I’m likely to use, I anxiously awaited a test product.

I was overwhelmed when I opened a fairly large box with a variety of products! Noble Outfitters kindly sent me these items:

I was pretty nervous about the shirts. I’m 5’4 and 170 lbs (I had to pack on a few pounds to survive my first Wisconsin winter. Ha). I was pretty concerned about the fit. All the shirts I received are size XL. The shirts are meant to be fitted. My track record for shirts fitting right is pretty low. I immediately tried them all on. THEY FIT! Not only did they fit, but they are flattering as well. Below are some individual reviews as well as some photos (not my photos as I am a terrible model and don’t have a photographer)!

The Miley Polo in Periwinkle:

I’m not a huge fan of polo shirts mainly because most women’s come with cap sleeves and the men’s have no shape to them. I was pleasantly surprised at the length and fit of the sleeve. It fell mid-bicep and  was neither constricting or too loose and the princess seams actually give me a shape! It’s made with a technical fabric which has so far  been extremely comfortable. The length is also excellent long enough to ride in (tucked in or left out) and it has become a go to shirt for work as well. I love the double duty!

The Kahla Racer Back Tank in Heather Grey

I was excited about this tank the moment I put it on. One of the aspects the rep and I discussed was my need for equine products/apparel that can do double duty. When I put this on, I knew immediately how that could work. I’ve found plenty of applications for it already: warm-weather riding, yoga, boating, and as a layer under the Ashley shirt. It’s light-weight and flattering. As the days get warmer, I can see myself wearing it for riding quite often.

The Ashley Performance Long-Sleeve Shirt in Vivacious

This is by far my favorite item that was sent. It’s a bright, happy pink with colorful, mesh vents on the arms. I have worn this multiple times already! It’s marketed as a breathable, cool shirt for warm weather, but it has already proved to be a great layer under a fleece vest or jacket for the chilly, Spring days. I was also pleased with the built-in UV protection. I have quite a bad sunburn from a boating trip this weekend. I was able to ride comfortably outside, in the sun, while wearing this. I didn’t get too hot and I saved my neck, shoulders, and arms from further pain!

The dirt seems to stick to it a little more than I’d like, or maybe I’m just not used to not having a heavy coat on top, yet. The hair does not (which a bonus in shedding season)! But for the dirt that sticks, all of it has washed out easily and completely. I was concerned with all the shirts and their technical fabric, if they would wash well. I’ve been able to throw them in the washer and dryer with no problems. No fussy washing directions needed!

 The Xtreme Soft Boot Sock Over-the-Calf in Black

Socks are socks…but these are pretty nice! They are soft, cushioned on the bottom, breathable on top, and they don’t slide down! I have had issues with other brand name boot socks not staying up. These seem to stay put all day long no matter what  type of boots I’m wearing. I also like the fact they are a little heavier in the foot portion but not bulky over the calf.

The Over-the-Calf Peddies in Modern Roses

Despite being really cute (and they come in a ton of different patterns), I had my doubts about these socks. Cute isn’t always functional. When I pulled them out of the packaging and put them on, I was not a fan. The way they were folded left a crease that felt like I was walking on a seam and I just couldn’t picture how these would actually stay up. The “ultra-thin” upper seemed flimsy and too stretchy. They also seemed too big. But, I wore them around the house for a while then, took a chance and threw my boots on. Guess what? These are pretty good socks. The heavier bottom was comfortable and didn’t slide around. That crease worked itself out. They didn’t budge. Not even in my loose boots after a long afternoon at the barn. I can see these being great summer socks with their thin uppers and making some awesome tall boot socks as well.

So, yes. Noble Outfitters gets a rave review from me! If the prices and their website seem high, don’t fret. I’ve been able to find most of their products at retailers for what I consider a good deal (try Stateline Tack or SmartPak). The quality of the products and the multipurpose uses makes each piece worth the money. I can ride, workout, hike, work, and even just run around town in these clothes and feel comfortable and stylish. I’ve already picked out another tank, knife, and some roping gloves that I’m going to have to get.

Now, beyond the clothes I’ve just gushed over, I want to share a little info on the company, which I didn’t really know any thing about! They have a great website, seem genuinely interested in the happiness of horseman using their products, have a few lines of products that include western lifestyles, stable care, accessories, and hunter. The best part…they have a program called “Noble Tomorrow.” Noble Outfitters commits 5% of profits to equestrian focused youth programs! That is awesome.


***Noble Outfitters was kind enough to send me these products. The opinions on this website are my own. I love trying new products and sharing info on new companies, if their products are ones that I feel I will own, use, love, and share with my friends!***

2 thoughts on “Noble Outfitters

  1. Good reviews! I really like the look of the Ashley shirt and it sounds very functional.

    Oh and socks aren’t always just socks! I’m picky about my boot socks. These look cute and comfy!

    1. I love that Ashley Shirt. They have a new tank out called “‘lil lover.” I want it! I just like the fact everything is long enough. The sleeves on the Ashley are great too…not to short, like every other long sleeve I own.

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