New Fabric – New Ideas

I just spent a few minutes looking through the albums on my Facebook page and realized just how far my sewing skills have come along! When I first had the idea to start sewing zippered bags, I had only sewn a zipper on to a pair of chaps, once in my life. My only sewing instruction…8th grade Home-Ec (in which I only made pillows and a little drawstring bag). My first bags were pretty cute, but I’ve come a long way since and am still continuing to learn how to improve my sewing.

My quest to become better at sewing has also introduced me to the wonderful world of fabric. I love fabric. There are so many textures, patterns, and colors. I recently just purchased a large bundle from It is the most I have ever spent on fabric. I typically buy my supplies at Jo-Ann, or recycle clothing and horse sheets, but trying out a new shop (one that I can afford, anyway) has really inspired me. I have a stack of amazing cottons for appliques and linings, and stack of bright, patterned polyester for shells. This new shell fabric is water-resistant and so pretty!

Be on the look out for some fun items in the shop soon! I will be testing a variety of new patterns and product In the meantime, here are my new fabrics and the first set of bags made with them!

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