The last half of 2014 was a whirlwind of challenges and changes, too long to write a post about, but worth a short list of the madness!

  • Tango suffered through on and off lameness through September, thankfully, I found a great farrier who helped get her feet happy and sound again!
  • I left a job I’ve been at since I was 18 (two weeks shy of 10 years).
  • The last week of my time in Indiana included a horse show, two blown trailer tires, a farrier visit, and a major transmission problem.
  • I FINALLY moved to Stevens Point to be with my husband!
  • Just 3 weeks after moving to WI, I hauled back down to Indiana for the final IRHA show of the year, the Midwest Regional Ranch Horse Classic, with three girls I had just met!
  • Tango and I won IRHA’s Am Ranch Riding 2014 High-Point

A lot of other things happened in between too, but overall, I am thrilled to be in Wisconsin with Todd. Stevens Point is a great town and my horses have settled in quickly, and happily. The biggest challenge has been finding work. I have realized that after 10 years working in the lab, not only do I have no idea about job searching, I also have no idea what I am good for! I would like to say this would be a great opportunity to find something I love and pursue it, but I have no idea what I would pursue? Genealogy? Something in the horse industry? More lab work? I have no clue? Job searching has also left me with huge self-doubt of what am I actually good at. For now, I am just looking for something to put a little money in the bank, hoping for the inspiration and guts to really go for something I can make a career of.

That all being said, maybe I will also take the chance to make improvements and try some new projects for this site! I have been busy sewing and selling my bags in my Etsy store. I have some cool ideas for projects, unfortunately they require me to be outside (and not in temps below 0)!

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