Saddle Cart Modification

Hey, long time, no post. Life is life and sometimes, I just don’t get around to posting the cool stuff I’m doing. Coolest thing this summer? I’ve started showing at American Ranch Horse Association (ARHA) sanctioned shows. It. Is. A. Blast.

Now, on to something far more important: saddle carts. I recently used some excellent discounts, after some shopping around, a bought a rolling saddle rack. This one in particular from Stateline Tack. I got it for $126.00 after they added the freight charges. It was a good enough deal for me. I’m going to really need it when I move to Wisconsin to store my show saddles. Right now, I’m using it in the tack room for work stuff, as it is a bare bones tack space. Most people use these at shows.

It got mixed reviews and I had my doubts, as well. There are some serious design flaws. The fact you have to tip it back to move it is annoying and makes anything hanging from the already super-low-hanging bridle hooks drag on the ground. It can be hard to steer as well. I’m also not a fan of how short the saddle racks are. My saddle hangs off it a bit.

Here is the cart when I first set it up, notice the bar at the bottom in front. That thing had to go.


On to modifications! The absolute first thing that had to happen was front wheels. Now, I know you can buy carts with them but, I don’t like how small and flimsy their wheels look or the price tag. I did some measuring to figure out what size wheels I would need and the width of board too. I wasn’t too exact. I just marked a 3/4″ x 4″ scrap piece of board and cut it down. Then I drilled two holes in it to correspond with holes already in the frame for that metal stand. I bought 5″ casters, for the front wheels, from TSC: one that had a lock and the other just a regular wheel.

I screwed those bad boys on to the piece of board, lined it up underneath the frame, and dropped a couple of bolts through it. Ta. Da. I now have a cart I can push around easily, with great steering, and a locking break. 20140707_143030

Not too bad! While, I don’t have to tip it back to move it, the hooks still hang too low for me to leave my bridles on it. The saddle rack is also a bit short. I guess I will be thinking up ways to work that out too. I am quite proud of my little DIY. I hope it helps others with the weird quirks of what is otherwise a great cart!

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