Horses & Husbands

I’ve been working on this draft about horses and husbands for the last few weeks. I just can’t seem to get into words how lucky I am to have Todd. He suggested I stay in Indy through the summer so that I can continue working with my wonderful trainer and enjoying the barn I’m at. As I don’t have a job in Point and we have neither a truck (that can pull) nor a trailer, it will help us financially too.

So, I’m in Indy for a bit longer (just through show season). Todd’s support of my horse-lifestyle which has somewhat kept us apart since May 2013 (along with jobs and student loans), amazes me. I’ve known many girls who get married and give up their show career, often times somewhat due to a lack of support from their husbands. There are a few of us lucky girls out there who not only have husbands who tolerate horse-madness but encourage it. Each and every one of those guys deserves some sort of award.

Like I said, I’ve been trying for weeks to put into words the gratitude I feel towards my husband’s support, but I can’t. Not. At. All. So, you get this little random post instead. You don’t just a marry a girl with horses…you marry a girl and her horses. Horse marriages are tough, because a lot of the time the horses are put first. So from deep in my heart, I would like to thank every single Horse-Show-Husband for your support (even if you think know we are nuts). Maybe you don’t hear it enough, but it’s probably because for a girl with horses there is no “thank-you” big enough.

That being said, I would like to offer one more bit of greatness from Todd. He has decided he wants to create some sort of “Horse Show Husbands Club.” I believe a grill, beer, a recliner, and TV are involved. This would all happen back at the trailer in between watching classes and holding fly spray and rags.


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