From the Cold…Into the Cold

December was a bit crazy with last-minute projects. I even decided to try jewelry making for the first time; Mom has a bunch of new earrings. After visiting my in-laws and packing the car (which took over an hour…in frigid temps), Mom, Hadji, and I were crammed in for a 7 hour drive. On the way up to the apartment in Stevens Point, the car was so stuffed the trunk  and one back door couldn’t be opened. Hadji was perched on Mom’s blankets and Pillows, Mom could be the only driver as the back was packed so the seat couldn’t be moved back, and I had to sit legs folded the whole time. The passenger front was packed too. We made it to the apartment late afternoon on Christmas Eve. Todd wasn’t expected to be home, so we hadn’t planned on dinner. I made the major mistake of not planning through the Christmas Eve/Christmas dinner and had only a bunch of lemons and a duck. Todd got lucky and made it home for Christmas Eve and hour before Wal-Mart closed. We made a mad dash a bought what we could. Christmas Eve:Pizza. Christmas Day: Bacon, eggs, and orange rolls for breakfast; duck, green beans, and sweet potatoes. It was delicious. One thing we didn’t skimp or miss out on was a large amount of booze.

The temps over Christmas break never reached above zero and we brought the cold home with us. Thursday night, we arrived back in Indy to almost a foot of drifted snow in the drive. I had to clear it before we could pull the car in to unpack. Friday: it was cold. Saturday: A HEAT WAVE! (35 degrees!). Sunday: snow storm followed by -16 degrees.

I have now been stuck in the house for 3 days straight. I am going to lose it. I’ve done a little bit of art, cleaned some, packed some, and done a whole lot of nothing else. I am working today on adding some to my Etsy store and cleaning up my work area. I’ve ordered more crystals for a horsemanship shirt that I’ve been beautifying and preparing to sell (I’ll get photos soon). I’ll be working on that too. Below are a few photos of the watercolor silhouettes I’ve been making. When they are cut to size and matted, they will be for sale!




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