This weekend, I had grand plans of getting a ton of “craftiness” out of the way. In many ways, my plans were a success; in other ways, I over planned. My list included: making polos, painting 12 ‘Archies’, sewing and embroidering three bags, and painting two signs. It didn’t happen despite not leaving the house. The struggles started with the Archies.

Archie is a therapeutic horse at Take Flight Farms, a non-profit, equine therapy organization. My sister works for the organization and asked me to paint 12 ‘Archie’ ornaments, as he is a special, favorite horse of Take Flight Farms. I have painted a few model horses in my time but never one horse 12 times over, in a short period of time. The trouble started when I decided to do a spray primer and base. The primer was easy enough, unless you count the frigid temps in the garage, which I had to leave open for ventilation. The base color…Ugh. I have never met Archie, so I don’t know his real-life color and based on the pictures I received he ranges from standard sorrel to standard palomino, to a dark-flat palomino. He is also covered in a ton of adorable little white spots. I stood in the aisle at Menards for a good while trying to decide which shade of brown would work. Once I got the ‘Archies’ primed, I sprayed the base (a nice darkish palomino, coffee with cream base). Oh but frigid temps makes spray paint do weird things; like become some sort of stone texture. After that, it was time-consuming and at times difficult to paint details over and over. I also had to guess on some aspects of the horse. In the end, I am no professional model painter. Also, clear coat sometimes becomes ‘crackle finish’ in cold temps. I don’t even want to talk about trying to find a drill bit for the eye screws and gluing those in place.

The ‘Archies’ are done. I hope I’ve done him justice.

I also sewed velcro on to at least a dozen polo wraps…and cursed all along the way every time the thread caught funny and un-threaded the needle or jammed up the machine.

My sign (one of two planned) went well. I’ll just ignore hand-cramps and the over-blotting paint pen.

I didn’t even get to the three bags.

white archies
Archies lined up for coats of primer
Finished! 12 Archies! Wouldn’t it be nice to have 12 real-life copies of a great horse?
Green Chevron, Camo, and Neon Polo wraps waiting for finishing touches and a few more pieces of Velcro!
elsa's sign
The sign I painted for my niece. If you look closely, you will notice the rider’s butt may be a tad big. I guess I should be happy that’s where the paint pen decided to drip. There’s already a couple of horse girls in our family with big butts!



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