New for the New Year

Lately, I have had a lot going on; searching for a job in Stevens Point, visiting family and Todd, and a new adventure into reining. Maybe it isn’t the new year yet, but I’ve made a lot of changes to the site and finally created my Etsy shop! I am so excited about the changes and hope it brings me new inspiration in 2014! I also took time to really examine various parts of Homemade Horseman including logos and fonts. I wanted to be absolutely sure I was using “free for commercial use” fonts. I chose a new, very simple,  fun font. I also remade the general non-text logo. The horse-shoe and clover sort of became my trademark with the first set of cosmetic bags I made, then even more when I began embroidering and painting them into things. It’s my special little way of wishing my buyers, “Good Luck.”

Some days, I think did I start this site too early? Did I start selling my products before I really should have? Maybe. If I didn’t start somewhere, no matter how long it takes to get established, I wouldn’t be improving at all. I thank everyone who has supported Homemade Horseman this year and I hope to bring more in the future years!

Now some fun stuff… here are few of the logos-labels-brands…whatever you want to call them:logos

The bottom two labels will be used for a couple of the new ideas I have. Keep an eye out for announcements for these projects!

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