Bloodlines, Breeding, Pedigree…

50th Anniversary Registration APHAWhatever you want to call it a lot of work goes into breeding the show horses we ride and nowadays many studs even have their own logos and fan clubs! Since I hit a brick wall doing my own family research, I turned to my horses with a fantastic idea for some artwork. Last year, APHA celebrated their 50th anniversary and to commemorate it they offered limited edition registration papers with the 50th anniversary logo and hand-colored likeness of your horse. I was all over that and really excited to get mine in the mail (they were $50 a piece). They are pretty cool but when it came down to it, I’ll admit I was a tad disappointed because I thought I could probably make something just as cool for a lot less money.

So, I’ve been doodling and Photoshop-brush-making in my spare time at work…

If you don’t have APHA +, I highly recommend spending the $15.00 for a 1 month subscription. I’ve been having more fun than I probably should looking up horses and their adorable registration photos! I would also quickly like to give APHA a shout-out for being awesome and to tell PtHA and AQHA they should get on with adding registration photos to their websites as well.

OK….so minus most of the QH in my mare’s breeding I’ve created a pretty sweet little piece. With a few more edits, I think I’ll blow it up a little larger, have it printed, and frame it. (I want to see if I can find any pics of missing QHs and add a different font too). I really like the look of the ‘hand-sketched’ details.

Tango's breeding draft 1...I still have some other cool ideas for it.
Tango’s breeding draft 1…I still have some other cool ideas for it. (click on the pic to make it larger, if you want to see more of the details).

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