New Again

Since the beginning of the year, I have been saving any cash I earn selling things and from odd jobs. My full-time job earns me just enough to pay bills and that’s about it. So, I’ve been saving…but not just for the sake of saving; I’ve had a goal. A few years ago I bought a beautiful Billy Cook show saddle. It was lovely and had quite a lot of silver on it too, but I didn’t love it and it was really uncomfortable for me. I sold it and used the money for bills and school. But then, I didn’t have a show saddle which was O.K. because I really wasn’t showing anyway. Now that I am trying to get back in the game (I will admit it is a painfully slow process), I need a show saddle again. After months of saving and a lot of looking, I found one! It is a 1997 Circle Y and I love it. The price was fantastic and I love the tooling. It’s not your standard basket and floral pattern. I took for a test ride the day it arrived; can I ride in it every day please? It has found a new life and new show career.

Another “New Again” story? Yep. Have you seen all those chalkboard Breyer horses and animals on Pinterest and Etsy? They are pretty sweet. While, I have plenty of old beat-up Breyer horses to DIY chalkboard-i-fy, I never had any other Breyer animals. I saw a listing on eBay for a set containing Breyer’s Bison, Elk, and Moose. I snatched it up for a whopping $20.00 (shipping included). The Bison sells on Etsy for $75.00 from “Chalk it Up” by Hounds tooth Design.  It’s pretty cool and now for less than $7.00 I have one sitting at my house. (I am no professional painter though)! The moose, I painted with glossy red and I still need to finish it and the elk I have yet to paint.

While I was chalkboard painting the bison, I did a little side project with some contact paper and an old jar. I painted the inside red, attached my cut-out contact paper designs, then chalkboard painted over the outside. I like it! There is no limit to what I could be painting next!

I love getting a good deal and giving things new lives!New Saddle vase1 vaseChalkboard Buffalo

One thought on “New Again

  1. I love the bison! What a great way to make something old new and unique! You can paint them in all sorts of colors to match your decor!

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