Birchbox of the Horse World

My sister has just introduced me to BirchBox; the subscription company that for $10.00 per month sends you a box full of beauty products. I like the idea. I’ve seen “BarkBox” too…and others? Can we have a “WhinnyBox,” please?

Wait. Wait. Wait. I took a pause after that question and did some searching. Guess what I found?  “A Horse Box” is similar to the BirchBox idea; you pay a subscription fee and each month a box of goodies is sent to you. I won’t lie, I am pretty excited about the possibilities of this and I really want one! It would be so fun to get a box of horse stuff each month and have it be a total surprise. A Horse Box charges $30.00 for a one month subscription and $25.00/month if you buy a six month deal at $150.00.  The company lists some pretty impressive brand names too as well as a few brands I’ve never tried but have wondered about. I highly recommend taking a look at the site! These would be so fun as birthday and Christmas gifts…(especially if you stashed a cute subscription card into one of my little cosmetic bags, hint, hint.) They would also make cool year-end awards.


A Horse Box

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