New Signs and Tea of the Barn

All horseman love the smell of the barn. The combination of hay, grain, fly spray, shavings, and the horses is how heaven smells, right? I think we’ve all talked about ‘barn scented perfume’ and all of that but do you love the smell enough to drink it up? That’s a weird question, I know. Let me explain, I like to have a nice cup of tea quite often. While coffee is my daily choice, I like to have a cup of tea in the afternoon and some times instead of my morning coffee. That being said, I’m a huge fan of Adagio Teas because they have many varieties and you can make custom blends. They also have some great rewards and aren’t too expensive. I started thinking of blends I could make with the tea-drinking horseman in mind…that was until I discovered a tea that was like drinking the barn. It’s called Pu Erh Poe. It even mentions the aroma and tastes being reminiscent of a barn. I was automatically intrigued and a little nervous to try it. Do I really want to drink the barn? Yes, yes, I do.

I tried it and followed a few recommendations to do a quick 30 second rinse of the leaves. Then I sniffed it and was pleasantly surprised to indeed recognize the soft, comforting smell of the barn. I hesitated, then took a small sip of the tea half expecting it to taste like manure or something. It was smooth. It was light. It was indeed the barn in a warm cup of tea. I loved it. Try it, you may like it too. I think you will at least be surprised how it really does smell and taste like every horseman’s home-away-from-home.

I’ve also managed to paint a couple of signs. I felt Todd and I really needed something custom for our new life together, so I painted this little family sign. It turned out well and is now hanging above our kitchen sink in Point. The other sign was a new model of the “love is all-around” sign. I think my signs are continuing to improve and I’m having a hard time deciding if I want to put this one up for sale! I love it so much!

The barn in a cup. Pu Erh Poe tea has the smell and taste of my favorite place!
The barn in a cup. Pu Erh Poe tea has the smell and taste of my favorite place!

Todd and Traci Sign

Love Is 2

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