Posting from Point

I’m spending my weekend in Stevens Point and getting to see the apartment for the first time. It’s pretty nice, actually. The weather is cool and gloomy but that’s alright. I have yet to venture out and explore town. After the long drive up here, I kind of don’t want to be in a car. I had a pretty exciting first dinner at the apartment, though. Jalapeno balogna, crappy macaroni salad, and some potato chips. Oh yes, it was fancy indeed. 

My first piece of decoration was a sign I hand-painted for Todd and I. I placed it right above the sink. It looks great. Later, maybe I’ll get some good pictures and post them.

I think Todd has yet to realize how much stuff I’m going to have to move up here…and that my horse stuff is going to probably take over. Oh, he will learn. For the moment, I’m going to go enjoy my birthday and relax a bit!

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