A Little Bit of Everything

Summer has finally arrived and I have yet to really get in the show pen. Is it really going to be another one of those years? Hasn’t showing and the horses been on the back-burner long enough? It seems just when I think life is going to chill out for a moment, something else big happens. Currently, it’s the awkward transition to married life, moving, finding a new job, and finding somewhere new to put my ponies…all in a completely new state. Maybe, just every other moment, I’ve learned, life won’t wait. Forget relaxing, forget going out, forget whatever else isn’t necessary. If I really want to get things cookin’ with the horses again, I’ll need to just deal with the changes and challenges of life and MAKE the time for the horses. You know what? It’s awesome. I don’t need to go spend a bunch of cash letting go, out on the town. I don’t need to take a break for some time to myself. I have horses. I can grab a six-pack and go for a ride…the best stress relief there is. I don’t need the break because when I ride, I really can’t hear or think of anything else, which is a true break from life’s stresses.

That all being said. I have some cool things happening. Last week, we did get to a show but the darn “Relay for Life” seems to be Tango’s worst enemy. We ‘pranced’ to a win in Halter Mares and to a 4th in open payback. That’s all we did though. What else? I now have two residences: Danville, Indiana and Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Todd and I have secured an apartment. It’s OK. We are allowed 1 cat. That’s it. No Dog. I have gone 2 weeks max without a dog my whole life. UGH! That’s all I have to say. I don’t even want to talk about finding a new barn either. My thoughts about where I live, “meh.” My thoughts about where my horses live…that’s a whole different story.

The boarding situation did help me make a pretty sweet new contact though. I caught a post written by Horse Showing Mom about the struggles of finding a new barn. After that, I had check out the rest of her posts and I think you should too. She writes about all the adventures of being a show mom and shares what she’s learned in the process. It’s great to see bloggers from the horse show world (especially Paint/Pinto, yeah, I’m biased)!

What else, what else? Oh hey. While I’ve stolen some down time at work between solution changes, I’ve been watching the Pinto World Show (I am so very jealous of everybody there, right now) and messing about in CS6. I’ve turned Ozzy and Tango into Photoshop brushes. I wanted a hand-drawn look to make a chalkboard themed ad. Check it out.

Homemade Horseman's Chalkboard Ad for Tango.
Homemade Horseman’s Chalkboard Ad for Tango. (which may seem dark on your screen…I realized my laptop is super-bright so all my pics look dark elsewhere)

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