Royal Blue Summer Show Outfit & Equine Affaire Ohio

It’s that time of year, again! Horse fairs and horse shows are springing up all around the country, as people gear up for the 2013 show season. I feel a bit left behind this year; how is it April already!? That being said, I’m in ‘get in shape’ and ‘go ride your horse’ mode, which feels pretty great. This weekend is the 2013 Equine Affaire Ohio and will be browsing, shopping, walking, and running into horse-show-friends. Woo Hoo! So what’s on my list this year? I’m keeping it short and praying I make it back into my favorite black chaps once again. Here is what I’m on the look-out for:

  • An inexpensive Showmanship Jacket (Just for local shows and whatnot until I find a better jacket I really like…I’m thinking a Hobby Horse Broken Heart Special will do the trick!)
  • Black Boots because I’ve had mine since 8th grade and have hated them every moment. They’re nice boots and I only wear them to show but I hate them  because they’ve never been comfy! Plus, who doesn’t love a new pair of boots?
  • Spurs (I’m upgrading to some nice roweled ones. I’ve been wanting to buy this pair for a quite a while now…)
  • Black Show Pants because the 5 other pairs I own don’t fit me, ugh!

It’s a short not too exciting list but there you have it. I am on a short budget too so I’ve done a lot of research on what I’m looking for and what I’ll spend. That’s always my biggest piece of advice for anybody going to a horse-fair; research! You should know pretty specifically what you are looking for and what the going rate is. Figure in shipping too, even if you find it at the fair, they might not have your size in stock or it still may be cheaper to buy online and pay shipping. I like to use the fair as an opportunity to try on things and get an idea of fit and quality. If I can’t afford it then, I know exactly what to look for when there is a spectacular online sale!

And! Pay attention to fit and style, you can find a lot things like accessories and the increasingly popular Oxford show shirt at much better prices from non-horsey stores. My favorite spot to find show earrings is Forever 21 because they are so cheap, leaving you a few extra bucks to spend on other accessories or to put towards a better quality show outfit. I just spent $25.00 on two oxfords for the summer shows in fun colors. Saving money on items like that allows me to have more fun with colors and patterns without limiting my choices of what I can wear in the show pen.

I’ve put together an outfit below based around many items I already own (saddle blanket, chaps etc.). I just purchased the button-down for $16.00. With the cuff and top buttoned properly, it’s going to be a cute top for western classes! It could be worn with a fun necklace, plain, or with a pretty royal scarf!

Royal Blue Summer Show Outfit

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