Something Homemade

One of my favorite places to get supplies is Menard’s, because it is so completely random and there are some good deals to be had. I always shop the scrap wood end cap and pick out the best or most interesting boards. The prices have gone up a bit in the last year but I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $5.00. I love it! I use the boards for my hand-painted signs. Some days I like the plain wood, other times I spray paint or stain it.

I look for inspiration online and design most of my signs using Photoshop (CS6). I’ve tried a ton of different methods to transfer the design to the wood and a lot times it just depends on my mood and motivation for the day. My best suggestion is to keep it simple. Designs never transfer with great detail. The details I add when I paint, which actually allows me a lot of freedom to make each sign a one-of-a-kind.

The first sign I made was decoupaged paper I had cut out to make a stall sign. Cutting everything out was a real pain and getting enough lacquer on it to keep it sturdy at horse shows was a process too, but it did turn out pretty cool. I realized quickly though that it was more expensive and time-consuming to make signs this way. Since, I’ve hand painted which is tricky. Text and outlines are the most challenging aspects as well as opacity.

Yesterday, I was inspired to try painting a stall sign. I made it for my mother and her horse, Ozzy. It took me a couple of hours to paint but it turned out pretty great. I was quite worried about getting the details of Ozzy correct but in the end, I’m rather pleased!

My first stall sign...actually my first sign ever!
My first stall sign…actually my first sign ever!
hh sign
My hand-painted HH sign…and first attempt with outlining text.
Ozzy's Sign
The sign I painted yesterday. Ozzy’s stall will be looking awesome at the shows this year!


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