March Madness

At the end of February, I announced Todd has accepted a job in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. While this was spectacular news, it also messed up our wedding plans. So, we decided St. Patty’s Day is as good as any other day! Tomorrow we say, “I do!” It should be very fun we have picked out green to add to our wardrobes and plan on spending the afternoon like any other St. Patty’s Day…in the bar. Needless to say with just a couple of weeks to plan and figure out our wedding plans, my homemade shenanigans and the horses have taken a back seat (I am really going crazy having been out of the saddle so long).

Beyond the madness, I  took some ‘bored at work time’ to use the Make Room planner to design stalls and a tack room in the barn that I plan on having in the next couple of years. It was fun. I also took the step of creating a Homemade Horseman Facebook Page . Facebook can be such useful tool but also a huge pain in the butt. I hope I remember to keep it updated!

Todd and I after acquiring our marriage license...
Todd and I after acquiring our marriage license…

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