Is February Over Yet?

This may be the shortest month of the year, but I ‘m ready for it to be over. I think. It’s been a crazy two weeks, since my last post. My fiance, Todd, accepted a position as a conductor with CN Railroad in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. While I am really, really excited about the news, it’s a bit scary too. He will move up there first, work, and save money. I will be staying here in Indy maybe until next Spring. Boo. It’s thrown off all our wedding plans (though we hadn’t planned much because we suck at planning). His start date is set for some time in March or April. So, I must get as much time with as possible in the next few weeks. I want to make sure I’m really sick of him before he leaves. It’s going to be an exciting new chapter in our life and we finally can start working on (for real, not in our dreams and imagination) getting the property we want.

On top of the big news, I’ve been sick. I’ve had food poisoning twice in two weeks! The first time wasn’t horrible; well, it wasn’t horrible compared to the 2nd time. Sunday, I thought I was dying. I knew I wasn’t but, I was miserable. Yesterday,  I tried eating my first real meal, I ate maybe half. Food and I have a touchy relationship right now. Mozzarella sticks, English muffins, and cereal. I like those right now. Green beans were the culprit. One of my favorite foods poisoned me. Stupid green beans.

Other than that…I’ve painted a couple of signs, made a bag, and learned how much fun hand-printing/stamping fabric is. I have since been trying make the most complex stamps possible and enjoying every moment of it.

I’m ready for March, warmer weather, and some actual, consistent time with my ponies!

This is my work space. It's somewhat clean and organized in this picture.
This is my work space. It’s somewhat clean and organized in this picture.

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