Sprucing Up the Show Closet

Can everything be horse related? I don’t know. Well, yes! As I waste away my time, glancing through pages and pages of Pinterest posts, I find many cool DIY ideas. Most of them are not horse-related, but I find a way. When I first saw “fabric covered hangers,” I thought they seemed to be a bit of a waste of time, but then I started thinking. It dawned on my that horse people spend an insane amount of money on beautiful show clothes, yet they are hung on simple, boring plastic hangers. Wouldn’t it be nice to open your show closet and see your show clothes hanging on beautiful hangers? They could be color-coded too, so you would never lose or forget which shirt went on which hanger. I’d like to think the fabric on the hanger also serves the purpose of being more gentle on the clothes too. This theory is untested.

Beyond all my brainstorming of a reason these would be worth making for the horse world, they were easy, relatively relaxing to make, and gave my left over, fabric scraps a nice use. The post that gave me the inspiration was by Corrieberry Pie, but I made some modifications: 1. Instead of masking tape, I used Gem Tac glue on the ends, 2. I just glued the last piece on at the end without tying any ribbons, 3. I didn’t measure lengths of fabric or ribbons that were very even, I just cut strips about an inch wide. Believe me, they were not even, but it worked out fine!

fabric covered hangers
My fabric covered hangers. My show closet is in a state of disrepair, waiting to be loved again. Once I sort it and re-hang everything, I post a picture of the hangers in action!
helper hobbes
My cat, Hobbes, “helped” my cut fabric and wrap hangers. He thinks he’s really doing some good by head-butting me while I have hands covered in glue.

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