A New Post!

I am not doing very well at keeping up with this site. Oops. My plan, is to post something every Saturday morning, so at least check back then! The past two Saturdays have been extremely busy. Todd and I, unfortunately, lost the park we planned on having our wedding at. We had to make an impromptu trip to Wisconsin to find a new spot but everything (for the most part) was already reserved. The spot? How is this for a venue title: “Castle Rock Hydro-Electric Project 1984 Recreation Site at Market Street and Werner Avenue”?! It’s the spot where he proposed  and it’s lovely. Plus, it actually helps us in keeping our wedding small, like we want.  But really who cares about all that wedding stuff anyway? This is a blog about horse things and I’ve been planning away!

604121_10100405814217124_1579091056_nThis sign has already been sold and it was the first I painted. I loved it so much I considered keeping it for myself. I’ve been doing a lot of work to make better and more original signs in the last few months. Finding an inexpensive and smooth paint was a lot easier than I expected; thank you Joann Fabric. I’ve also been working on creating my own set of silhouettes to use for the graphics to get cleaner images and original designs. Most have been turned into a set of Photoshop brushes which makes designing new signs so much easier! Now, if I can only find some time to sit down and paint.

I’ve also been working on a seed blend for a horse-related planter. That idea is still in the works and needs to be tested, but I am very excited about it.

Oh my goodness, the thing I am most excited about!? Designing my own fabric! I spent pretty much a whole afternoon just playing around with ideas, colors, and patterns. I have around 14 designs already, so I think it’s about time I get some sample swatches made!

Until then, I really need to get to work. I just had to get something up here! Talk to you all soon!

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