Handmade Cosmetic Bags

Last year, I sat with my mom at a coffee shop discussing 4-Hers. We talked about the number of kids who haven’t grown up showing at breed shows and the difference in how they present themselves. A lot of the kids who show only one or two open shows each year don’t have down the horse show routine and all the tricks  it takes to look like a million bucks. I also often hear complaints about not having the money to compete with “those breed show snobs.”

I get it. My family didn’t have a large budget to show on either, but we found a way. So, last year, after Mom and I had our little discussion, I started working on a little kit for anybody showing on a tight budget or new to the show pen. My first attempt was a bit over-the-top and frankly, not that appealing. It was also just too expensive. I’ve messed around for pretty much a year looking for ways to make this ‘horse show kit’ possible.

My solution!? A cosmetic bag with a horsey theme, fresh colors, and few necessities any horse show girl could use. They’re unique too. Every bag is different either by the appliques, colors, or material. I use two base fabrics; 1. recycled cotton horse sheets 2. a soft canvas material. Some bags I leave empty, others I fill with around 10-12 items such as, hair ties, eye shadow, earrings, brushes, hat sponges, boot pulls, blush, lip gloss, and a mirror. These little items are handy for girls just getting into the show pen for the first time or for seasoned competitors who just want to stash it in the trailer as backup. They also make great gifts for anybody who loves horses!

click on the photo to see the rest of my horse show cosmetic bags for sale, plus some other cool items!

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