New Life-New Site

In 2010, I started my first blog, the College Horseman, as a way to share my adventures in paying for a horsey lifestyle while in school. I had many plans to learn how to sew my own show clothes and even make some of my own equine products…that is until I discovered 8th grade home-ec and Suitability patterns did not make me a professional seamstress. Instead, I turned my attention to where to find the best products for the lowest price and how to put together show outfits on a budget.

I really enjoyed that blog, but life goes on and eventually, people graduate. After many years in school, I have finally received my pricy piece of paper telling me I am highly educated in U.S. History. Awesome. Now what?

It’s time I launch my new site! 2012 has been a big year for me. I graduated from college, became an auntie, and got engaged (woot)! While of those big life events were taking place, my college blog sat neglected, no longer accurately representing my place in life.

So, I’m starting a blog devoted to just wedding stuff! (Gag, Gag) Just kidding, I’m still going to write about horses and being poor. But over the past few years I’ve picked up some sewing skills and other creative urges (thanks, Pinterest) which I feel could be very fun and useful for horsey folks, like myself.

I hope you find my rants and raves interesting and some of my goodies worth buying.  I enjoyed the many connections I made at the College Horseman and cannot wait to make many more through Homemade Horseman!

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